The Victorian Inspectorate (VI) also has a compliance role, promoting the public interest by ensuring that agencies adhere to the various statutory record-keeping and obligations that apply to them. VI compliance officers physically inspect and assess records and documents kept under the:

The Victorian Inspectorate compliance officers conduct two rounds of inspections at the following agencies that are authorised under the above legislation to apply for and execute Surveillance Device and Telecommunication Intercept warrants, and conduct controlled operations:

Statutory reports are prepared on the outcomes of the inspections to be tabled in parliament for:

Inspection outcomes in relation to Telecommunication Intercepts are reported annually. These reports are not tabled in the Parliament but are instead sent directly to the agency Chief Officers and Ministers.

In addition to the inspections conducted on these agencies, the Victorian Inspectorate compliance officers are also required under the Victorian Inspectorate Act 2011 to conduct an annual inspection of the records held by a Public Interest Monitor (PIM).

The two broad areas of responsibility in regards to PIM involve:

  • inspection of relevant records
  • reporting to the Minister on the result of those inspections