Protected disclosure complaints

Making a Protected Disclosure Complaint to the Victorian Inspectorate

What is a ‘protected disclosure’?

A ‘protected disclosure’ is a disclosure that is made in accordance with Part 2 of the Protected Disclosure Act 2012, or a complaint made in accordance with section 167(3) of the Victoria Police Act 2013. A disclosure is ‘protected’ as it qualifies to receive the protections provided for under Part 6 and 7 of the PD Act.

Generally protected disclosures are reports or complaints about the ‘improper conduct’ or ‘detrimental action’ taken by Victorian public bodies or Victorian public officers performing public functions.

What is ‘improper conduct’?

Improper conduct means:

  • corrupt conduct or
  • specified conduct that, if proved, would constitute a criminal offence or reasonable grounds for dismissal

Who can make a disclosure?

Any person, but not a company, trust or business structure.

How do I make a disclosure?

Orally or in writing (but not by fax) in accordance with specific procedures and may be made anonymously.

Who can I make a disclosure to?

If you wish to make a protected disclosure about:

  • the Chief Examiner or an Examiner appointed under section 21 of the MCIP Act
  • a Victorian Ombudsman officer
  • a VAGO officer
  • Officers of the Judicial Commission other than a judicial member of the Board of the Judicial Commission

you may contact the IBAC or the VI:

Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)
GPO Box 24234
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Phone: 1300 735 135



If you wish to make a protected disclosure about  IBAC, including its officers, you must contact the VI:

Victorian Inspectorate
PO Box 617
Collins Street West
Melbourne Victoria 8007

Phone: 03 8614 3232


Protected Disclosure guidelines, policy and procedure

The policy and procedure for the receipt, assessment and handling of disclosures by the VI, can be found within the VI’s Protected Disclosure guidelines.

Guide to making a Protected Disclosure to the Victorian Inspectorate Guide to making a Protected Disclosure to the Victorian InspectoratePDF (505.45 KB)