Executive Director, Legal and Integrity

Cathy Cato commenced in the role of Executive Director, Legal and Integrity on 7 November 2018.

Cathy commenced her legal career in 1995 at the Australian Government Solicitor (AGS) after graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws (Hons).

After 8 years as lawyer at AGS across a broad range of litigation, Cathy developed and co-managed a small business. Cathy became an in-house lawyer in 2007, before her appointment as State Director Legal at the Australian Building and Construction Commission in 2011.

Cathy commenced as a senior executive manager in 2012 in the Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance, helping to establish the Construction Code Compliance Unit (CCCU). Cathy became the unit's Director in 2013, leading a multi-disciplinary team undertaking regulatory activities across the construction industry.

As Director of the CCCU and later Director of Infrastructure Delivery and Commercial Contracts, Cathy led teams that helped ensure Victorian government agencies implemented construction procurement policies. Cathy served on a number of committees, including as chair of the whole of Victorian government Construction Contracts Advisory Panel.

In 2015, Cathy returned to the Commonwealth public sector as National Manager Building Code at the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABC), before being appointed as a Deputy ABC Commissioner in July 2017.

Throughout her 20 years as a government lawyer and in regulatory management roles, Cathy developed expertise in managing and advising on investigations, including the exercise of coercive powers. Cathy is an experienced public speaker and trainer, who promotes education as a key component of oversight and regulation.