The Innovation Strategy


Our innovation goals

The Innovation Strategy draws on several months of discussions and thinking across the public sector, sharing what innovation means, and the barriers we face to working differently in government

We need a shared commitment to innovation.


We face some big challenges:

  • how do we move beyond the daily grind to learn what is happening and to ponder what if?
  • how can our leaders provide the time and space to test small, and learn fast?
  • how do we encourage the right conversations about risk, and engage better with the community and other partners?
  • how can we learn and share beyond silos?

This is a starting point for conversation, engagement and action.

It reflects what we know about how innovation happens, what can make or break it, and how we might, together, start building better structures to support us in our work.

It aims to build our shared commitment to innovation by:

  • engaging all levels of the public sector to value practical innovation and those who deliver it, and to recognise and share the work that’s already happening
  • introducing actions to help connect people, ideas and work underway, and build shared tools and resources for the future
  • growing our capabilities and understanding of innovation across all areas of government – designing, testing, learning and doing.

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