The Innovation Strategy


Putting innovation in motion


 " This Innovation Strategy helps to find, encourage and support our people to make change that adds value across the public sector. We need to unlock good intent and talent, share examples and experiences, and learn from each other.
- Chris Eccles, Secretary, Department of Premier and Cabinet


Public Sector Innovation Strategy: Putting Innovation In Motion Public Sector Innovation Strategy: Putting Innovation In MotionPDF (5.92 MB)

The setting for innovating in government

The people that make up the public sector work hard to make a difference to the community we serve. Many of us have tried to change things in government. We know what can help support innovation, and what can get in the way.

This public sector innovation strategy is a starting point for conversation around the good work that's happening, and how to build the structures that support a better way of working.

We need to keep innovating

Exciting changes are happening across the public sector.

The Victorian Government’s ambitious agenda is well underway. To realise these ambitions, we know that we need to continue trying new approaches to make lives better.

We’re making real progress. Victoria is focusing on public sector reforms that challenge the status quo. The public sector is:

  • creating systems to encourage more ideas
  • now designing solutions in collaboration with the people most affected
  • starting to share information to understand what works and wrap services around people
  • lifting its information technology capability to accelerate the changes we want to see

But we know we need to do more. New ways of working take time and effort, and it’s hard to make projects scalable and sustainable.

This Innovation Strategy is a starting point for conversation around the good work that’s happening. If there’s a place for a strategy, we believe it has to be plain and practical. It must highlight the stories of what’s happening, and take steps to better connect people, ideas and work underway across government.


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