Skill up


Would you like to broaden your innovation knowledge or network?

We need more ways to build new skills and perspectives across government. This may be formal practical learning, or ways to broaden our perspectives as we work.

Find innovation events, training and resources

The Innovation Network brings together case studies, toolkits, events and people to help government employees do our work better. Learn about innovation skills and perspectives by joining the network

Take part in peer learning

VPS Academy champions peer to peer learning across government. 

If you have skills or experiences to share with peers, why not sign up for the next pilot!

Skill up in behavioural insights

The Behavioural Insights Unit provides a number of training courses, delivered by the Behavioural Insights Team, Monash University‚Äôs BehaviourWorks Australia and Melbourne University's Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Courses will cater to all levels of familiarity with behavioural insights.

Training and development about applying behavioural insights in government is free and open to all members of the VPS. 

Enrol in a course today! 


We are taking more steps in this space soon - see the full list of actions from the Strategy here.