Public Sector Innovation Fund


About the Public Sector Innovation Fund



By supporting innovative projects, the Fund seeks to:

  • create opportunities for new partnerships between government and other organisations
  • strengthen the innovation capability in the Victorian public sector by facilitating experiential learning
  • promote project outcomes and solutions across the public sector to encourage inter-departmental collaboration to solve complex policy challenges
  • share the outcomes of projects and propagate new approaches, tools, and methodologies (for example, new procurement approaches, new tools to drive behaviour change, and new collaboration platforms) across government.

Our Approach


We collaborate across the Victorian public sector, including government departments and agencies, community and not-for-profit organisations, businesses and research organisations.


We actively contribute to project scoping and design. We aim to bring our innovation experience, networks and knowledge to projects to maximise benefits and improve their potential to scale.


We are open to different types of innovation, such as new technologies or process innovation, as well as projects at varying stages of maturity, including proofs of concept, prototypes, and pilots.

Outcome focussed

We remain involved in initiatives beyond grant funding. Our involvement seeks to help recipients to ensure the sustainability of projects and identify opportunities to replicate the project, maximising its impact.

Making an application

Step 1

Read about the Fund, assessment criteria and case studies and/or contact the Public Sector Innovation team to discuss your project.

Public Sector Innovation Fund: Program Guidelines Public Sector Innovation Fund: Program GuidelinesDOC (62.15 KB)

Step 2

Submit an application online at any time (Stage 1).

Step 3

Stage 1 assessment by the Public Sector Innovation team (successful projects are invited to progress to Stage 2).

Step 4

Develop the Project Business Plan (Stage 2).

Step 5

Stage 2 assessment by the PSIF Selection Panel and recommendation to the Special Minister of State.

Step 6

Grant Agreement (for those projects successful at Stage 2).

More information about the application stages can be found in the program guidelines.