Behavioural insights


How we work

Our team considers how programs work in practice, not just in theory

We work collaboratively

We partner with departments and agencies across government to understand problems from a behavioural perspective, and to find answers based on evidence of what works, for whom, and in what circumstances. Then we test and trial interventions based on behavioural insights techniques.

By combining our behavioural insights expertise with our partner’s intricate knowledge of the issue, we can develop and trial potential solutions to deliver better outcomes for Victorians.

Our projects 

People are the public sector’s greatest organisational asset. We are building workforce capability by equipping our colleagues with the skills to apply behavioural insights to their work.

We provide advisory support and analysis, formal training, evaluation design support, facilitation of events and workshops and support on procuring internal or external behavioural insights capability to teams across the Victorian government.

Building capability