Behavioural insights


What is behavioural insights?

Behavioural insights is based on research from psychology, human-centred design and behavioural economics. It draws on this knowledge to better understand the ways in which policy changes can improve people’s lives.

Behavioural insights recognises that our choices are affected by how decisions are presented, that our decision-making is influenced by what others are doing, and that we don’t always follow through with what we intend to do.

Behavioural approaches are complementary to traditional policy approaches, and can span the entire policy cycle: from better understanding the policy issue at hand through to optimisation of implementation activities.

The Victorian Behavioural Insights Unit: Putting real people at the centre of Victorian policies and services

Victoria’s Behavioural Insights Unit works with government departments and agencies to explore policy and service design problems from a behavioural perspective, using evidence to inform changes and developments.

Rather than expecting people to design their lives around government, the Behavioural Insights Unit considers how people actually behave, putting Victorians at the centre of policies and services.