Transition Support Package

The Victorian Government has invested $20 million for the Transition Support Package to help Victorians with disability, their families and carers, the disability workforce and service providers transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The funding has been allocated to a range of diverse organisations representing people with a disability, disability workers, providers, unions, advocates and service providers.

The following organisations are working throughout Victoria to identify and deliver practical and targeted resources to help people adapt to the new NDIS environment.

See links below to the resources that have been developed.

Organisations supporting the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme - June 2018 Organisations supporting the transition to the National Disability Insurance Scheme - June 2018DOC (419 KB)

People with a disability

Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities Inc.

Logo for Action on Disability within Ethnic Communities IncAction on Disability within Ethnic Communities Inc. (ADEC) is a state-wide organisation that strives to empower people with a disability from Non-English speaking backgrounds, their carers, and families to fully participate as members of the Victorian community.


Australian Federation of Disability Organisations

Logo for Australian Federation of Disability OrganisationsAustralian Federation of Disability Organisations (AFDO) aims to increase people’s understanding of the NDIS and boost their confidence in accessing the scheme. Sign up for AFDO’s Disability Loop eNews to stay in the loop! Get regular news, resources, stories and information about disability and the NDIS.



Logo for AmazeAmaze helps to identify and work with peer-support groups of people with autism to build their capacity to engage with the NDIS whilst developing skills and confidence to participate in the community.


Down Syndrome Victoria

Logo for Down Syndrome VictoriaDown Syndrome Victoria (DSV) provides specialist Down Syndrome related information and support for families and professionals to support transition to the NDIS. DSV resources include Introduction to the NDIS, Preparing to plan, drafting goals, becoming a savvy consumer.


Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria

Logo for Ethnic Communities Council of VictoriaEthnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) provides support for people with a disability, their families and carers from culturally and linguistically diverse communities to be informed about the NDIS and how to access it.  ECCV have a presentation that provides an introduction and context to the NDIS. The presentation covers diversity of types of disabilities, strengths of people with a disability, rights of people with a disability. The purpose of this presentation is to reduce stigma and build disability awareness. A video- Disability in the Australian context has also been developed.


Self Advocacy Resource Unit

Logo for Self Advocacy Resource UnitSelf Advocacy Resource Unit (SARU) works to strengthen self-advocacy groups and networks and increase engagement with the NDIS. Self advocacy groups are run by people with disabilities who have joined together to have their voices heard and support each other.  Self advocates from SARU have developed the DVD “What d’ya need to know’ about getting ready for the NDIS planning process”, There are also ‘Put it in your plan’ postcards available, and the training resource “Everything you wanted to know about the NDIS but were afraid to ask”.


Solve Disability Solutions

Logo for Solve Disability SolutionsSolve Disability Solutions supports people with disability, their families and carers to choose assistive technology and ensure equipment needs are considered in planning. They have an information pack for people with a disability, their parents, carers, advocates, clinicians and service providers.



Logo for VALIDVALID provides NDIS related information and support for getting ready for planning and navigating the system, especially for people with a disability, their family and carers in complex circumstances.  VALID have developed a range of written resources and a series of videos to assist with NDIS transition, including 5 things to know when you are moving to the NDIS, Top 10 things to know about NDIS SDA, Get NDIS Savvy and 10 steps to excellent therapy reports.


Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council

Logo for Victorian Mental Illness Awareness CouncilVictorian Mental Illness Awareness Council (VMIAC) provides peer support, information and resources to assist people with psychosocial disabilities related to a mental health condition to get ready for the NDIS. VMIAC have developed a NDIS and You YouTube series to help people with mental illness understand the NDIS.


Women with Disabilities Victoria

Logo for Women with Disabilities VictoriaWomen with Disabilities Victoria offers support to inform and empower women with a disability during transition to the NDIS. Women with Disabilities Victoria have developed a video NDIS: You Can Ask That. This video was developed to enhance the newly created NDIS module which includes a video from two WDV members, Stacey and Nicole, who talk about their experiences via a “You Can Ask That” style, which was a play on words of the popular “You Can’t Ask That” documentary screened on the SBS channel.


Youth Disability Advocacy Service

Logo for Youth Disability Advocacy ServiceYouth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) provides information for young people with disability, their families and other supporters about the NDIS and how to get the most out of it. YDAS have a developed a NDIS and Young People video series to support young people with disability to find out more about the NDIS.


Young People in Nursing Homes

Logo for Young People in Nursing HomesYoung People in Nursing Homes (YPINH) Alliance offers specialist advice, assistance and information to assist people with disability and complex health needs who are transitioning to the NDIS. YPINH have developed a NDIS planning preparation tool and considerations for residential aged care.


Families and carers

Association for Children with Disability

Logo for Association for Children with DisabilityAssociation for Children with Disability (ACD) supports parents, families and carers of children with a disability so they have the necessary information, support and confidence to successfully transition to the NDIS. ACD have developed a range of resources which include a NDIS Planning workbook. ACD also hold various workshops for families on NDIS preparation and pre-planning.


Carers Victoria

Logo for Carers VictoriaCarers Victoria provides extended personalised support to carers who are assisting someone to transition to the NDIS through their NDIS Carer Advisory service and online resources. Carers Victoria have developed online learning resources for carers. These mobile friendly resources provide carers and families with the information they need to support someone transition to the NDIS.

Carers Victoria have developed a NDIS handbook offering practical advice and support on how to achieve the best possible outcomes for both the person being cared for and for carers. It can be downloaded here.



Logo for TandemTandem delivers NDIS information and helps with capacity building for carers of people with psychosocial disability. Tandem have developed” Ready, Steady, NDIS” tip sheets, website, resources and Enews.


Workforce sector

Council to Homeless Persons

Logo for Council to Homeless PersonsCouncil to Homeless Persons (CHP) builds the capacity of the specialist homelessness sector to increase understanding of the NDIS to improve access for individuals to transition to the NDIS. CHP have developed worker guides, powerpoint presentation, and NDIS fact sheets provided at tailored workshops.


Early Childhood Intervention Association

Logo for Early Childhood Intervention AssociationEarly Childhood Intervention Association (ECIA) provides a range of resources and information events to support the Victorian Early Childhood Intervention services transition to the NDIS. ECIA have developed online learning resources for practitioners, community health organisations, videos and written resources including a guide to NDIS readiness and best practice information sheets.


Municipal Assocation of Victoria

Logo for Municipal Assocation of VictoriaMunicipal Assocation of Victoria (MAV) delivers information and resources to local councils to support the transition to the NDIS. MAV website has been expanded to include a page dedicated specifically to the NDIS and transition. This includes information, resources, and case studies developed by councils with support from the MAV.


Mental Health Victoria

Logo for Mental Health VictoriaMental Health Victoria supports mental health organisations and their workforce by providing learning opportunities, information and resources to prepare for the NDIS. Mental Health Victoria have developed various reports exploring emerging challenges and opportunities under NDIS for the mental health sector and workforce.


National Disability Services

Logo for National Disability ServicesNational Disability Services (NDS) provides a range of supports to disability service providers and workforce to transition to the NDIS. NDS have developed an online hub resources for Victorian disability service organisations . The online hub includes a helpdesk, resource Library, suite of practical guides to the NDIS, presentations, Schedule of Readiness, Implementation and CEO Network events in each region,  Sector Support Consultancy, information and application form, Information about Communities of Practice on Finance, ICT/Systems, Customer & Market, NDIS Coordination, and Complexity,  Learning and Development workshops and webinars, Subscription management for our NDIS Podcasts and NDIS News, Victoria monthly bulletin


Victorian Healthcare Association

Logo for Victorian Healthcare AssociationThe Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) provides information and resources to public health and residential aged care providers to assist them to transition to the NDIS. VHA have developed workshops events and range of resources including a NDIS Transition support toolkit, NDIS financial modelling tool guide, NDIS calculation tool. These resources provide step by step framework to a strategic transition plan for the health sector.