About the NDIS

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a national program that is providing a new way of delivering services and support to people with permanent and significant disability in Australia.

With the NDIS, people with a disability will have greater flexibility and choice regarding the supports and services they receive to meet their individual needs.

The NDIS helps people with a disability to:

  • access mainstream services and supports - like doctors and teachers through the health and education systems, public housing and the justice and aged care systems
  • access community services and supports - available to everyone in a community, such as sports clubs, community groups, libraries and charities
  • maintain informal support arrangements – such as the help people get from their family and friends. This is support people don’t pay for and is generally part of most people’s lives
  • receive reasonable and necessary funded supports – that are necessary because they are related to a person’s disability and are required for them to live an ordinary life and achieve their goals.

Assistance from the NDIS is not means tested and has no impact on income support such as the Disability Support Pension or Carer’s Allowance.

Disability could affect anyone and provides peace of mind. The NDIS provides certainty that people with a disability will receive the support they need over their lifetime.

Why the change?

In 2010 the Australian Government asked the Productivity Commission to carry out a public inquiry into a long-term disability care and support scheme.

The Productivity Commission received over 1000 submissions from people with a disability and the disability sector. The messages were clear the current system did not work.


The new scheme is transforming the way disability services are funded and accessed to ensure all people with a disability get the best support possible.

It is a move from a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, to a system where people with a disability have direct control over the funding they receive and the opportunity to make informed decisions about the services and support they need to improve their everyday lives.

It is the largest social services reform to be introduced in Australia since Medicare 40 years ago and will boost the number of Victorians accessing disability support services from around 75,000 to over 105,000.

What is the NDIA?

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is an independent statutory agency responsible for implementing the NDIS in every state and territory.

The NDIA works closely with relevant Commonwealth and Victorian government departments to facilitate the transition to the NDIS for new and existing clients, and their families, disability carers and service providers.

NDIS in Victoria

The NDIS in Victoria is jointly funded by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments.

It was introduced in stages over three years because it is a big change and it is important to get it right and make it sustainable.

The NDIS is now available in your region - refer to the rollout schedule.