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Quality and compliance

The Inspectorate's compliance team is committed to conducting audits of all Victorian local councils to assess compliance with the Local Government Act 1989.

The audit program encourages cooperation between councils and the Inspectorate to promote an effective, voluntary compliance culture, encourage best practice and achieve transparency in governance.

Compliance audit program

The Inspectorate compliance team:

  • provides an independent assessment of key processes surrounding council operations
  • reviews the effectiveness and efficiency of risk management and governance processes to assess current practices and controls
  • manages risks and ensures operating procedures are compliant with relevant legislation
  • assists councils to achieve clear, transparent governance and avoid possible breaches of the Act.

The Inspectorate's compliance team independently audits 79 Victorian councils under the authority of section 223B of the Act.

During the audit process, the team will visit councils to review material and assess statutory compliance where applicable.

The Inspectorate supports best practice in council policies and assists councils in improving their policies and practice.



The audit

The following will occur when the team schedules an audit with a council:

  • an initial meeting will take place with the CEO where issues or concerns are raised
  • council will be provided with a list of items to prepare for the review
  • once the audit is completed, an action plan will address areas of council that require improvement.

The Inspectorate regularly publishes reports highlighting learnings and best practice examples from its audits of Victorian councils. Visit the reports page to view our investigation and audit reports.