Protecting integrity: 2016 council elections report

The 'Protecting integrity: 2016 council elections report' captures insights into key election issues, challenges and outcomes from an integrity perspective.

This report covers the 3 key pieces of work by the Inspectorate in the lead-up to the elections:

  • the election period policy review
  • candidate eligibility audit and
  • campaign donation returns project.

'Protecting integrity: 2016 council elections' also demonstrates how this significant work has contributed to reductions in:

  • substantiated complaints relating to council [public] resources used for campaigning
  • complaints about media outlets
  • resulted in the removal of 2 candidates from respective ballots prior to election day.

These elections saw 2135 candidates nominating for 637 vacancies, 2000 enquiries and 409 formal complaints received on matters ranging from minor campaign material offences to serious corruption allegations for activities intending to undermine the democratic system.

Read the full report:

Protecting integrity - 2016 council elections report Protecting integrity - 2016 council elections reportDOC (2.61 MB)

Protecting integrity - 2016 council elections report.pdf Protecting integrity - 2016 council elections report.pdfPDF (2.92 MB)