Annual Report 2017/18

Complaints to the Local Government Inspectorate have grown by an average 11% each year, as detailed in the Local Government Inspectorate's annual report for 2017/18.

The Inspectorate received and assessed 417 complaints and completed 39 investigations for the year. They were also involved in 20 prosecutions, the majority of which related to campaign donation returns and resulted in more than $22,000 in fines and legal fees being awarded against candidates.

While the number of completed investigations was lower than in 2016/17, investigators were engaged for a significant part of the year investigating and concluding major cases related to Central Goldfields Shire Council and its CEO, and candidates in the Wyndham City Council elections.

Continuing the Inspectorate's guidance and education program was another key focus for the year, with the Chief Municipal Inspector presenting to local and interstate audiences on the Inspectorate's work and collaborating with interstate agencies on improving local government performance.

Chief Municipal Inspector David Wolf said his office had received the highest number of complaints for a non-election year, resulting from the increasing profile of the Inspectorate's work and recurrent issues in the local government sector.

"Among other achievements, the outcomes from our completed investigation at Central Goldfields had an ongoing impact on identifying and improving practices at councils across the state," he said.

"Looking ahead, we expect the growth trend of complaints and enquiries to continue, noting this past year had the highest number of complaints for a non-election year."

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