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Council resources and state elections

With many councillors nominating as candidates in the upcoming state government election, it’s important that resources associated with the office of councillor are not used for the purpose of campaigning.

Resources of the municipality that are required for councillor functions include council phones, cars, letterhead, logo, email and printing. If a councillor who is a candidate misuses these resources, they may be in contravention of the misuse of position provisions of the Local Government Act 1989 and a proven offence may affect their ability to hold public office.

Although not required under the current legislation, the Inspectorate advises that councillors who are candidates take an approved leave of absence to avoid any conflicts with their councillor role and any inadvertent use of council resources.

For candidates who decide not to take leave, it is important that there is no use or perceived use of council resources for the purpose of campaigning.

The Inspectorate has previously investigated matters related to improper use of council resources in state and federal campaign election periods and will continue to monitor candidate activities during the upcoming 2018 elections.

If there are concerns about the use of council resources, the Inspectorate should be contacted via the secure online form accessible through the Complaints webpage.