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What can you complain to us about?

The Local Government Inspectorate accepts complaints related to breaches and offences under the Local Government Act 1989.

This may include issues such as:

  • misuse of position (section 76D of the Act) by a councillor
  • conflict of interest (section 77A) by a councillor or senior council employee
  • disclosure of confidential information (section 77)
  • nomination of a person not qualified to be a council election candidate (section 52).

What we cannot investigate

The Inspectorate does not accept complaints in relation to matters which fall outside its jurisdiction, including complaints about:

  • Planning, building and permit disputes
  • Council services such as bin collection, or issues such as noise complaints
  • Misconduct by a councillor
  • Performance of council staff
  • Council decisions
  • Infringements, including parking fines
  • Rates charges

Contacting your local council may be the best method of resolving your complaint. This flowchart will tell you the steps you can take to make your complaint and whether your complaint can be resolved by council or another integrity agency.

Local council flowchart Local council flowchartPDF (98.31 KB)



The Inspectorate's investigations team is responsible for investigating allegations of offences under the Act.

The Inspectorate may examine or investigate any matter relating to council operations and breaches of the Act involving a councillor, a senior council officer and any individual subject to the conflict of interest provisions within the Act; or any individual where the matter relates to electoral provisions.

Complaints or allegations can be made by any individual.

Where appropriate, complaints should first be raised with the relevant council before a complaint is lodged with the Inspectorate.

Due to the volume of complaints received and the often complex nature of investigations, the investigation process can take some time. The Inspectorate aims to keep complainants informed of the progress of the investigation.

Visit the prosecutions page to see a list of recent court cases.


Submit a complaint

Our secure online complaint form is the easiest way to submit a complaint to the Inspectorate.

Using the form will ensure you have provided us with information vital to our assessment of your complaint.

Submit your complaint

Complaints about the Inspectorate

If the complaint relates to the outcome of a matter, a person may request a review from the Manager, Operations. The request should state why the complainant is not satisfied and provide evidence or information to support their position.

If the complaint relates to the conduct of Inspectorate staff, the complaint should be directed to the Chief Municipal Inspector.

If the complaint relates to an administrative decision or function of the Inspectorate, a complaint can be lodged with Ombudsman Victoria.