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Service model and specifications

The service model and specifications documents provide detailed overview of Victoria's new service model.

Service model

This document sets out the foundational Hub model that will be rolled out at first implementation (from day one) in the five launch areas. The Hub service model describes the processes and functions of the Hubs in stages – from access and assessment, to response and review.

Support and Safety Hubs Service Model Support and Safety Hubs Service ModelPDF (1.57 MB)

Service specifications

This document outlines the requirements that the community service organisations must conform to in delivering the statewide service model for Support and Safety Hubs. It includes the operating context, key objectives and deliverables, minimum expectations, quality requirements and critical data collection and performance frameworks to which service providers must comply. The service specifications will be attached to the service agreements and form part of the accountability of the services to government.

Support and Safety Hubs Service Specifications Support and Safety Hubs Service SpecificationsPDF (632.14 KB)