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For urgent assistance call Triple Zero 000 or for confidential support and information call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188

Workforce capacity

Supports Royal Commission recommendations: 3, 98, 100, 102, 103, 139145, 148, 172, 188, 190, 207, 209, 212, 213

We will undertake significant investment in our family violence, child and family services, justice and education workforces and work together with the sector through this industry transition.

We are investing $95.4 million over 4 years in immediate workforce training and capacity building across the government, family violence, primary prevention and social service sectors and establishing a Centre for Workforce Excellence. This work will be supported by a 10 Year Industry Plan to be released in December 2017. Our investment will include:

  • immediate training to build capacity in primary prevention
  • employing family violence principal practitioners in the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice and Regulation
  • providing access to family violence expertise in key mental health and alcohol and drugs services
  • enhanced pathways into family violence sector roles to address the unmet demand in family violence services
  • enhanced recruitment to high need roles and support for existing workers’ health and wellbeing
  • building the capability of the child protection workforce
  • building the Aboriginal workforce to respond to demand for Aboriginal family services and family violence workers
  • supporting sector transition
  • development and rolling out of diversity and intersectionality training
  • investing in interpreters and translators specialising in family violence
  • creating Aboriginal cultural safety advisor positions
  • establishing a virtual LGBTI Family Violence Centre for Excellence
  • providing support for faith leaders and communities to respond to family violence

Family violence industry planning

Investment: $23.9 million over 4 years

Supports Royal Commission recommendations: 207, 212

The 10 Year Industry Plan will be launched in December 2017 and will be the government’s roadmap for building a highly skilled and capable workforce in responding to family violence across the community services, justice, education and health sectors.

The Industry Plan will build on work underway to pave the way for a more systematic approach to workforce planning and development of the specialist family violence sector and the prevention workforce.

We are building a strong evidence base on the current workforce to help identify capacity and capability gaps, and better understand the challenges facing our workforces, including:

  • staff retention
  • health and wellbeing issues
  • vicarious trauma

We will achieve this through Victoria’s first family violence workforce census, which was rolled out in April 2017. The results will be collated in October 2017.


Redevelopment of the family violence risk assessment and risk management framework

Investment: $30 million over 2 years

Supports Royal Commission recommendations: 1, 2, 3 and 4 and recommendations arising from the Coronial Inquest into the Death of Luke Geoffrey Batty and the Monash University 2016 review

The new framework will be comprehensive, set minimum standards and roles and responsibilities for:

  • screening
  • risk identification
  • assessment and management
  • information sharing and referral

It will include child-specific risk factors and will reflect the needs of the diverse range of family violence victims, including Aboriginal Victorians and other diverse communities.

The framework will be embedded in law, improving the quality, consistency and coordination of family violence risk assessment and management, including perpetrator accountability across the breadth of the following services and systems:

  • family violence
  • justice
  • social services
  • health
  • disability
  • early childhood
  • education