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For urgent assistance call Triple Zero 000 or for confidential support and information call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188

Specialist support

Providing victims of family violence with specialist case management, counselling and support  services is crucial to ensuring immediate safety and the appropriate ongoing support.

Accordingly, we are strengthening support for victims of family violence or people at risk of experiencing family violence, including children, through increasing the capacity of specialist family violence services.

Building the capacity and capability of specialist family violence services

Investment: $166.3 million over 4 years

Supports Royal Commission recommendations: 4, 11, 12, 17, 31, 99, 140, 164

The capacity of the specialist family violence services to keep victims safe and support their recovery is critically dependent on a range of complementary initiatives delivered through this Rolling Action Plan, including:

  • perpetrator accountability
  • risk assessment and management
  • information sharing
  • workforce development and the Industry Plan

At the same time we will increase the capacity of specialist family violence system and lay the foundation for reform by: 

  • funding statewide 24/7 Crisis Service responses, including face-to-face after-hours specialist support in recognition of the fact that the majority of family violence incidents occur outside of business hours
  • providing specialist family violence case management services, comprising  more than 30,000 case management responses over four years
  • strengthening specialist family violence practice and responses to diversity, including dedicated responses for  Aboriginal communities and culturally and linguistically diverse communities

In addition to this investment we are strengthening support for Aboriginal Victorians and diverse communities by:

  • establishing a Koori Women’s Gathering Place in metropolitan Melbourne to ensure Aboriginal women experiencing or at risk of family violence are able to access the support and services they need in a welcoming and culturally safe place
  • greater accreditation, training and sector capacity building to ensure LGBTI cultural competency and inclusiveness
  • strengthening InTouch Centre Against Family Violence as a specialist body and supporting InTouch to increase the capacity of its direct services team, languages capacity, establish a stronger presence in regional Victoria, manage increased demand for its migration status advisory services, support faith leaders and provide increased legal advice
  • providing LGBTI specialist services that deliver referral, counselling, peer support and perpetrator programs