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A working group to support operation of the information-sharing

Recommendation 006 - Implemented

The Victorian Secretaries Board Family Violence Sub-committee oversee a working group consisting of representatives of ‘prescribed organisations’ covered by the recommended information-sharing regime and the Office of the Privacy and Data Protection Commissioner. The working group should:

  • identify priority areas for the development of an information-sharing culture throughout the family violence system
  • develop an awareness campaign to explain the new information-sharing regime to prescribed organisations
  • coordinate the production of any guidelines or guidance material created to support the new information-sharing regime and help prescribed organisations put their information-sharing arrangements into operation
  • help prescribed organisations update information-sharing protocols and memorandums of understanding and deliver internal training on information sharing.

What we are doing

The success of any new legislation around the recommended information sharing regime will depend on effective implementation supported by appropriate governance.

In anticipation of the commencement of the information sharing reforms, preparations are underway through raising awareness,  providing training, facilitating cultural change and building capacity. Ministerial guidelines are being developed to support understanding of the reforms and use of the scheme in practice, and to support assessment of government and non-government sector readiness to share information once the legislation comes into effect.

The training to support implementation of the new information sharing regime will be included as part of the future workforce development for the redeveloped Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (see Recommendation 3).

Where we are up to

An Expert Advisory Group has been established to advise on the implementation of the information sharing regime and the redevelopment of the Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework. Work with sector stakeholders is ongoing to identify the entities that will be able to share information under the family violence information sharing regime.



Who is leading the change

Department of Premier and Cabinet

Family Safety Victoria