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Ensure key information technology system upgrades support information-sharing

Recommendation 008 - In Progress

The Victorian Secretaries Board ensure that proposed upgrades to key Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria and Department of Health and Human Services information technology systems equip these systems to:

  • share information for the purposes of risk assessment and management in individual cases of family violence
  • permit the use of system data for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of outcomes from implementation of the Commission’s recommendations and the recommended Statewide Family Violence Action Plan
  • participate in the Central Information Point.

What we are doing

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) is working with the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria and Department of Health and Human Services to identify opportunities for the uplift of IT systems. This will allow for better integration and response to family violence information sharing, including with the Central Information Point (CIP). 

Where we are up to

FSV has established an interagency working group to drive the uplift of relevant IT systems. The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Victoria Police, Corrections Victoria and Department of Health and Human Services are all actively progressing design and development of solutions to integrate with the CIP. Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) is actively contributing to this work.

DPC has developed and circulated guidance to departments to ensure that upgrades or replacements of their systems:

  • prioritise integration with the CIP
  • facilitate the sharing of family violence information for risk assessment and risk management
  • enable the use of data to evaluate the effectiveness of outputs from the implementation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations, Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s Plan for Change (10 Year Plan) and the Rolling Action Plans.

DPC has leveraged Application Programming Interface (API) technology to build key information technology infrastructure and capability to improve participation in the CIP as well as enable information sharing that supports risk assessment and management of family violence cases. This includes the establishment of a fully operational Whole of Victorian Government (WOVG) API Gateway and support services, which are available for use by all government departments and agencies.

The WOVG API program provides support and core technical components for the CIP to facilitate secure and efficient information sharing between key agencies in the family violence response. DPC has commenced the design, build and connectivity of CIP APIs that will enhance the CIP’s capacity to respond to requests for critical perpetrator information.

DPC have developed a WOVG Strategic Architecture Vision and Strategic Roadmap. A service design approach was taken to develop this strategic architecture to better understand the people, processes, information and technology involved in the family safety response and where pain points currently exist. The purpose of this work is to identify opportunities to co-ordinate existing, planned and future projects and investments to better address the family violence outcomes framework.

The work to date has involved mapping the current and future state service architecture and has led to the identification of 111 IT applications and 477 service types across government that are integral to for the provisioning of family violence services.

DPC is a standing member of the interagency working group, which oversees the progress of automated integrations with key departments and agencies that provide data to the CIP.

DPC has established the whole of government Information Technology Architecture Group (TAG) that will provide oversight across key government technology.


Forecast implementation date: 30 June 2020.


Who is leading the change

Family Safety Victoria