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For urgent assistance call Triple Zero 000 or for confidential support and information call Safe Steps on 1800 015 188

Our vision for change

Our ultimate vision is to create a Victoria free from violence, where all Victorians:

  • experience equality and respect in all their relationships, particularly within their families and with intimate partners
  • are empowered and respected at home and everywhere
  • are supported in their relationships to reach their full potential.

This will require multiple strategies to address the complex social conditions that drive violence in the first place. This will be delivered in everyday settings and across the whole spectrum of people’s lives, with a momentum that counteracts the size and scale of the problem.

A world first

Whole-of-community change and prevention of family violence efforts have not been undertaken on this scale before. As this strategy aims to create long-term change in all parts of the community, it needs to consider future trends.

  • Research into workplaces suggests 3 possible scenarios for what future workplaces will look like, fuelled by technological change, environmental change and demographic shifts. Each scenario will have different implications for prevention action in workplaces.
  • In relation to young people, megatrends in the social, political, technological and environmental spheres need to be factored into planning and policy.
  • The impact of technology and social media developments will strongly influence prevention action into the future.

We can expect that change will be gradual, punctuated with resistance and require a sustained commitment to ensure the prevention of violence in Victoria in the longer term.

Phasing of efforts over time

Ending violence and challenging its causes is a long-term endeavour that will require enduring focus and effort. Given the unprecedented focus on preventing family violence, we will take an incremental approach, testing and refining as we go. We will progress our efforts to prevent family violence in 3 key phases:

The first phase of the strategy focuses on building the infrastructure for a much larger primary prevention platform in Victoria. This includes building the structures and systems to:

  • strengthen and expand a skilled prevention workforce
  • increase investment and expanding research, evaluation and monitoring
  • build and expand networks and partnerships in prevention activities
  • engage and educate the community on the need to address gender inequality and discrimination.

The second phase of the strategy will continue to build infrastructure and governance, and develop a greater level of sophistication and saturation of prevention activities across Victorian communities. This includes strengthening whole-of-community efforts and actions to enable:

  • tools and resources being more easily available
  • people being more able to challenge violent-supportive attitudes, behaviours and drivers
  • intensified efforts in workplaces, schools, organisational settings and communities.

The third phase of the strategy focuses on sustaining efforts and using results as we continue to learn and innovate in primary prevention. Building on the efforts of previous phases, we expect to see noticeable gains at individual, organisational and societal levels, with prevalence rates beginning to fall and economic and social benefits growing. In the long term, as we continue to evolve our efforts, we will move towards a Victoria free from violence.