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Measuring success in ending family violence

What we aim to achieve

The Prevention of Family Violence Outcomes Framework (the outcomes framework) is an important accountability tool to ensure we are meeting our long-term goals and achieving genuine progress. This outcomes framework will measure:

  • the vision (what we are working towards)
  • the domains (cultural, attitudinal, behavioural and structural change)
  • the outcomes (the changes we are working towards)
  • the indicators (how we know whether we are progressing towards the outcomes).

This strategy lays out a series of initial indicators, but further measurements will be developed in rolling action plans.

We know there is no quick fix to ending family violence. Prevention efforts will take time and consistent effort. We will use an outcomes framework to hold ourselves to account, to measure our progress and to work towards success.

Delivering on and reviewing this strategy 

Over the next decade, the Victorian Government will deliver a series of rolling action plans, detailing the concrete actions and investment to implement family violence reforms over the short, medium and long term.

This will include prevention actions in line with this strategy as well as actions for the response system. Each rolling action plan will build on established efforts in family violence response and prevention. They will improve and develop new and innovative activities in line with new research, evaluations and evidence.

Mid-term review of this strategy

Given we are doing this work on such a large scale, we will be constantly assessing our actions to see if we have got these right. To be sure this strategy meets its objectives, we have committed to a formal mid-term review of our approach.

In 5 years (by 2022) we will undertake a formal evaluation - of the individual initiatives we are implementing to prevent violence and the overall approach outlined in this strategy. This evaluation will identify any gaps in the strategy and allow us to adapt our approach to any evidence emerging from other parts of the world.