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Effective interventions

We do not have the range of interventions needed to effectively target perpetrator behaviour. Men’s Behaviour Change Programs have carried the burden of changing a lifetime of attitudes and behaviours in months.

To support effective intervention, we need to build a better understanding of what strategies work best. We also need to ensure the justice system plays a role in holding perpetrators to account.

This will require collaboration between Victoria Police, the courts and Corrections Victoria.

  • The police will actively keep the perpetrator in view, considering the level of risk at any time.
  • Specialist responses will be expanded at court so perpetrators understand the legal consequences of their actions. They will also understand the conditions placed on them and the consequences for failing to comply with them.
  • We have asked the Sentencing Advisory Council to report on ‘swift and certain’ approaches to family violence offenders in the sentencing process.
  • Corrections Victoria will play a key role in this approach by administering sentences of the court and managing perpetrators and their level of risk.

Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions

We have established an Expert Advisory Committee on Perpetrator Interventions.

The committee will be a key source of advice on the interventions for holding perpetrators to account. It will consider the models of interventions being used in Victoria and overseas to assess their effectiveness.

Through this work, the committee will consider Men’s Behaviour Change Programs and clinical models, such as:

  • cognitive behaviour therapy
  • strengths-based programs
  • fathering-specific models, online programs, and services for perpetrators from diverse communities.

Members of the committee will bring a range of expertise from service delivery, academic and lived experience perspectives.

The committee will be able to engage with other groups including the Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council.