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Department of Treasury and Finance

The Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) provides economic, financial and resource management advice to help the Victorian Government deliver its policies. DTF supports Tim Pallas, Treasurer of Victoria and Minister for Economic Development, and the Assistant Treasurer, to manage Victoria's budget, finances, economic policy and strategy. DTF's work also involves assisting the Government to implement major infrastructure projects and contractual agreements across Victoria.

Phone03 9651 5111
Fax Number03 7005 9165
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Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
Other BodiesBetter Regulation Victoria03 9092 5800We work to boost Victoria's productivity, competitiveness and economic and jobs growth by cutting red tape and improving regulation.
DivisionsBudget and Finance Division
DivisionsCommercial Division
DivisionsCorporate and Government Services Division
DivisionsEconomic Division
Other BodiesEmergency Services and State Super1300 650 161ESSSuper is the dedicated super fund for emergency services employees and state employees.
Other BodiesEssential Services Commission03 9032 1300The Essential Services Commission (ESC) promotes the long-term interests of Victorian consumers with respect to the price, quality and reliability of essential services.
Other BodiesInvest Victoria03 9651 8100Invest Victoria provides investment information, advice and services to companies that are considering establishing or increasing their presence in Melbourne and surrounding Victoria.
Other BodiesLand Tax Hardship Relief Board13 21 61The Land Tax Hardship Relief Board determines all applications for relief or postponement of Land Tax on the grounds of hardship involving amounts greater then $1000 in a given year.
Other BodiesOffice of Projects Victoria03 7005 9130Office of Projects Victoria (OPV) provides quality advice to the Victorian Government on developing and building major infrastructure projects.
Other BodiesOld Treasury Building Committee of Management03 9651 2233The Old Treasury Building Reserve Committee of Management is a body incorporated under the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 appointed to manage issues relating to the areas of the Old Treasury Building Reserve pursuant to its powers under the Act and the Crown Land (Reserves) Regulations 1999.
Other BodiesRegistrar of Housing Agencies03 7005 8984The Registrar of Housing Agencies, supported by the Office of the Housing Registrar, is responsible for regulatory oversight of the community housing sector in Victoria under the Housing Act 1983 (Vic).
Other BodiesState Electricity Commission of VictoriaThe State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) was established in 1918 and the State Government appointed "Electricity Commissioners" responsible for generation and distribution of electricity throughout the State.
Other BodiesState Revenue Office13 21 61The State Revenue Office (SRO) is the Victorian Government's major tax collection agency.
Other BodiesState Trustees Limited03 9667 6444State Trustees' core purpose is centred on helping people with their financial needs so they can make the most of their opportunities.
Other BodiesThe Parliamentary Trustee03 8684 4538The Parliamentary Trustee manages and administers the Parliamentary Contributory Superannuation Fund, which provides former Members of Parliament with superannuation benefits on a contributory basis.
Other BodiesTreasury Corporation of Victoria03 9651 4800Treasury Corporation of Victoria (TCV) is the central financing authority for the State of Victoria, established by an Act of the Victorian Parliament.
Other BodiesVictorian Funds Management Corporation03 9207 2900Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC) was established under the Victorian Funds Management Act 1994 to provide investment and funds management services to Victorian public authorities.
Other BodiesVictorian Government Purchasing Board03 9651 1699The Victorian Government Purchasing Board (VGPB) sets the policies that govern procurement of non-construction goods and services across all Victorian Government departments and some public bodies.
Other BodiesVictorian Managed Insurance Authority03 9270 6900The Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA)is the State’s insurer and provides a range of risk management services and advice to Government. They insure Victorian Government departments, statutory authorities and agencies;Victoria’s public health system, including hospitals, funded health sector agencies and community health centres;Community service organisations, funded by the State Government;and Domestic Building Insurance program.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
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Category Title Name Main Phone
MinistersTreasurerThe Hon Tim Pallas MP03 7005 9474
MinistersAssistant TreasurerThe Hon Danny Pearson MP03 7005 8911
MinistersMinister for Economic DevelopmentThe Hon Tim Pallas MP03 7005 9474
MinistersMinister for Regulatory ReformThe Hon Danny Pearson MP03 7005 8911
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
Key StaffSecretaryDavid Martine PSM03 9651 5111
Key StaffFreedom of Information - Authorised Officer03 7005 8987
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary to the TreasurerMr Paul Edbrooke MP03 9783 9822
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Category Title Main Phone Description
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