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Department of Premier and Cabinet

The Department of Premier and Cabinet leads the Victorian public service, advising government on emerging policy issues and reviewing the impact of government decisions.

Phone03 9651 5111
Fax Number03 9651 5298
Email Addressdp&
Organisation Chart
Postal Address
GPO Box 4912 VV

Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
GroupsCabinet, Communications and Corporate03 9651 5003The Cabinet, Communications and Corporate group is responsible for providing core whole of government and departmental services. The group is responsible for overseeing Cabinet management, strategic communications, engagement and protocol (including behavioural insights), corporate governance, public sector reform and the department's corporate services.
GroupsDigital Victoria03 9651 5111Digital Victoria is responsible for driving digital transformation across government, making it easier for business, communities and citizens to connect with government. Digital Victoria guides and supports the public service to work in more collaborative and agile ways to better serve the people of Victoria. The group is responsible for digital strategy (including digital identity), transformation, design and innovation, cyber security, the Victorian Centre for Data Insights and shared government IT services.
GroupsEconomic Policy and State Productivity03 9651 5067The Economic Policy and State Productivity group is responsible for economic development and strategy, regional and local government outcomes, international engagement, transport infrastructure, planning, priority precincts, and energy, agriculture, resources and environment policy. The group also provides advice across these portfolio areas to maximise the economic and social benefits of government policy.
GroupsFirst Peoples - State Relations Group03 9651 5111The First Peoples - State Relations (FPSR) Group is a newly established group within DPC, responsible for nation leading work in the areas of cultural rights, self-determination, treaty and truth – an extensive program of priority work with First Peoples. We recognise Victoria's First Peoples as the self-determining drivers of Aboriginal affairs in Victoria. We are committed to building ongoing, just and respectful relationships between self-determining First Peoples and the State as a priority focus.
GroupsIndustrial Relations Victoria03 9651 5111The Industrial Relations Victoria (IRV) group is responsible for managing public sector industrial relations, advising on private sector matters, developing regulatory and policy solutions, and overseeing public sector enterprise bargaining and dispute management. The group is also responsible for implementing and ensuring compliance with laws governing long service leave, child employment and owner drivers. IRV works with industry and unions to promote positive industrial relations and improve the working standards and conditions of all Victorians.
GroupsLegal, Legislation and Governance03 9651 5111Comprising Governance Branch and the Office of the General Counsel (OGC), the Legal Legislation and Governance group unifies DPC's efforts to promote good government, sound risk management, and high-quality decision and policy-making. Governance Branch provides leadership, advice, and support to the Premier, the Minister for Government Services, the Secretary, DPC and the broader public sector on transparent, accountable and effective government. Through its four teams (Public Sector Governance, Institutions of Government, Public Sector Workforce and the Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal Secretariat), Governance Branch supports the effective administration of government, and promotes and protects good governance, government integrity and accountability, as well as trust in public institutions.
BranchesOffice of the Secretary03 9651 5111The Office of the Secretary (OTS) supports the Secretary's leadership of DPC and the VPS. The Office also manages the DLO's for the Premier's Private Office (PPO) and other portfolio Ministerial Offices.
BranchesRecovery Tracking and Analytics03 9651 5111The Recovery Tracking and Analytics Branch (RTAB) will work with central agency groups to track and assess the implementation of priority initiatives, while also identifying and resolving delivery challenges.
GroupsSocial Policy and Intergovernmental Relations03 9651 5111The Social Policy group is responsible for Aboriginal Victoria and Aboriginal affairs policy, as well as education, justice, health, human services and advice regarding the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The group is also responsible for contributing to the development of strategic social services reforms and monitoring, coordinating the Mental Health Royal Commission and reporting on the delivery of Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendation.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
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Category Title Name Main Phone
MinistersPremier of VictoriaThe Hon Daniel Andrews MP03 9651 5000
MinistersDeputy Premier of VictoriaThe Hon Jacinta Allan MP03 8392 6100
MinistersMinister for Government ServicesThe Hon Danny Pearson MP03 7005 8911
MinistersMinister for Industrial RelationsThe Hon Tim Pallas MP03 7005 9474
MinistersMinister for Treaty and First PeoplesThe Hon Gabrielle Williams MP03 9096 8587
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
Key StaffSecretaryJeremi Moule03 9651 5111
Parliamentary RolesCabinet SecretaryMr Steve McGhie MP03 9743 9825
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary to the PremierMr Nick Staikos MP03 9579 7222
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for First PeoplesMs Chris Couzens M03 5221 3131
Key StaffFreedom of Information Officer03 9651 5111
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Category Title Main Phone Description
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