What is a treaty?

A treaty is an agreement between states, nations or governments. This can include an agreement between Indigenous peoples and governments.

There is no set form for what a treaty with Indigenous peoples should contain. Each treaty is a product of the area's history, social and political environment.

What might a treaty or treaties contain in Victoria?

Aboriginal communities and the State of Victoria will negotiate and agree to the content of Victorian treaty or treaties together.

Aboriginal communities will have resources to allow them to negotiate on equal footing.

A treaty or treaties with Aboriginal Victorians could, but is not limited to:

  • recognise past wrongs committed on Aboriginal communities
  • acknowledge the unique position of Aboriginal Victorians in Victoria and Australia
  • include official apologies, reconciliation and truth-telling
  • give autonomy and funding to Aboriginal communities for important matters

There may be constitutional limitations on what the State of Victoria can agree to in a treaty with Aboriginal Victorians. A treaty or treaties in Victoria does not remove the possibility of the Commonwealth negotiating a treaty as well.

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