Barring Djinang Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Barring Djinang is the new 5-year Aboriginal Employment Strategy for the Victorian Public Sector (VPSC).

The strategy will help build a public sector that benefits from the unique skills and experience Aboriginal employees bring to workplaces. 

Barring Djinang actively supports the Victorian government’s commitment regarding self-determination and is premised upon building meaningful partnerships with Aboriginal communities across the state. The Strategy contains a number of initiatives that will help to develop the capacity of Victoria’s Aboriginal workforce to support the achievement of this aim.

Barring Djinang is from the Taungurung language and means ‘path of the feet’. It was chosen as a reminder of the many different career paths that the public sector can provide to Aboriginal people.

Aboriginal Employment Portal

VPSC will establish an Aboriginal Employment Portal which will become an online repository for the programs, information and resources to be developed under Barring Djinang. The Portal will be expanded as the Strategy’s various initiatives come to life and it is envisaged that this will become an invaluable resource for Aboriginal employees, managers, public sector agencies, Aboriginal jobseekers and many others with an interest in the Strategy.

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