Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023

The VAAF brings together a comprehensive set of data that can help community hold government to account on whether our combined efforts are improving the lives of Aboriginal Victorians. Further information on our evaluation approach is available in the ‘Evaluate’ section.Our visionSelf-determination

Domain 1: Children, family & home

Our shared commitment is that ‘All Aboriginal children and young people are safe, resilient, thriving and living in culturally rich, strong Aboriginal families and communities.’

Domain 2: Learning & skills

Our shared commitment: is that ‘Every Koorie person achieves their potential, succeeds in life, and feels strong in their cultural identity.’

Domain 3: Opportunity & prosperity

Our shared commitment is ‘Building opportunity and economic prosperity for all Aboriginal Victorians.’

Domain 4: Health & wellbeing

Our shared commitment: is ‘Self-determining, healthy and safe Aboriginal people and communities.’

Domain 5: Justice & safety

Our shared commitment is ‘Aboriginal people have access to an equitable justice system that is shaped by self-determination, and protects and upholds their human, civil and legal rights.’

Domain 6: Culture & Country

Our shared commitment is the promotion of the rights and responsibilities under section 19 of the Victorian Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006.