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Governance and accountability

Government and government-funded organisations must be held to account for delivering services that meet the needs of communities. Too often, government funding in Aboriginal affairs focuses on outputs – what activities, products or services it is providing and at what cost.

We need to move from measuring outputs to measuring outcomes – what we are achieving for and with Aboriginal Victorians. Government must also be held accountable for changing its systems and structures to enable Aboriginal self-determination.

Government should be held accountable on the outcomes they deliver – the numbers speak for themselves.

- Community forum participant, Morwell


Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism

Government alone cannot hold itself accountable for improving outcomes for Aboriginal Victorians. Government, Aboriginal organisations and government-funded organisations must be accountable to Aboriginal-led, independent and transparent oversight.

An Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism will be established to track government’s progress against the VAAF. This will include quantitative and qualitative reporting on the goals, objectives and measures, including:

  • efforts to progress the self-determination guiding principles
  • implementation of the broad areas for action that support the four self-determination enablers.

The terms of reference for this mechanism, including its function, scope, membership and governance, will be developed in partnership with community.


Data transparency and accountability

Open, transparent and meaningful data that is disaggregated at the local and regional level is a significant part of government accountability. It tells us what is working and where further action is needed.

Furthermore, increasing Aboriginal ownership and control of data is a key enabler of slf-determination. When community is adequately resourced to undertake this work, data can strengthen Aboriginal advocacy, sector planning and decision-making.

Data sovereignty needs to be advanced. Research, evidence and data should be community owned and controlled. This is a key mechanism for community decision-making.

- Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO) submission


Next steps

Aboriginal Victorians have suggested a range of additional options to hold government accountable to community for its performance in Aboriginal affairs.

In the first instance, the Victorian Government commits to:

  • commencing work immediately on the development of an Aboriginal-led evaluation and review mechanism
  • publishing disaggregated VAAF data via a public data platform
  • tabling an annual whole-of-government progress report on the VAAF in Parliament
  • exploring potential legislative and policy options to ensure system-wide, whole-of-government adoption and application of the Aboriginal self-determination guiding principles.