Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023

The Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 (the VAAF) is the Victorian Government’s overarching framework for working with Aboriginal Victorians, organisations and the wider community to drive action and improve outcomes.

The VAAF sets a clear direction for how government will ‘Plan’, ‘Act’, ‘Measure’ and ‘Evaluate’ to progress change across government, address inequity and deliver stronger outcomes for and with Aboriginal Victorians.

The new VAAF recognises that positive change must involve government transforming to deliver culturally safe and community-owned services and programs.

 - Hon Natalie Hutchins MP Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023 Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework 2018-2023PDF (6.94 MB)

1. Plan

Many Aboriginal Victorians across the state shared their wisdom and expertise on what the new VAAF should look like. This describes the development of the VAAF, and recognises the significant reform and advocacy that has occurred in Aboriginal affairs. This chapter also describes how the VAAF acknowledges, aligns with and champions existing initiatives and strategies across Victoria.

2. Act 

This acknowledges that government must transform its systems and structures to support self-determination and improve outcomes for Aboriginal people. To help guide government’s work, community has proposed broad areas in which government should prioritise its efforts.

3. Measure

The VAAF brings together a comprehensive set of data that can help community hold government to account on whether our combined efforts are improving the lives of Aboriginal Victorians. This sets out what the future should look like if we fulfil our vision, and where we need to see change in order to meet our 20 goals across 6 domains.

4.  Evaluate

This sets out how Government and government-funded organisations will be held to account for delivering services that meet the needs of communities.

Community Engagement Report

The Community Engagement Report summarises the knowledge, expertise, thoughts and feelings shared by community, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal organisations and government as part of the VAAF refresh in 2018.Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework - Community Engagement Report Victorian Aboriginal Affairs Framework - Community Engagement ReportPDF (793.18 KB)