Cultural Heritage Permit process

When do I need a Cultural Heritage Permit?

You need to apply for this permit if you are planning to:

  • disturb or excavate land to uncover or discover Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • rehabilitate land at an Aboriginal place
  • inter Aboriginal ancestral remains at an Aboriginal place
  • carry out research on an Aboriginal place
  • carry out an activity that will, or is likely to, harm Aboriginal cultural heritage
  • sell an Aboriginal object (where it was not made for the purpose of sale)
  • remove an Aboriginal cultural heritage object from Victoria.

You need a cultural heritage permit for these activities even if you don't require a Cultural Heritage Management Plan.

An approval body must consider every cultural heritage permit application made using the approved form and accompanied by the prescribed fee (if any).

How do I apply for this permit?

You must apply to the Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) for the area the application is in. If there's no RAP, the application must be made to the Secretary to the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

What happens if I complete the activities without a permit?

Under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 you need to apply for a cultural heritage permit to engage in any of the activities listed above.

Authorised Officers and Aboriginal Heritage Officers can check the conditions of a Cultural Heritage Permit have been met and can issue a stop order if compliance is not occurring.

For further information and forms, see Aboriginal Heritage Management - Guides, Forms and Practice Notes.

For more information on the process go to Planning and development of land.

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