Cultural Heritage Agreements

What is a Cultural Heritage Agreement?

A Cultural Heritage Agreement is a voluntary agreement between a Registered Aboriginal Party (RAP) and another party/parties on the management or protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

You cannot make an agreement if either a Cultural Heritage Permit or Cultural Heritage Management Plan is required, as an agreement cannot provide permission to harm Aboriginal cultural heritage.

What could you use an agreement for?

A Cultural Heritage Agreement can deal with a variety of matters that include but are not limited to:

  • the protection, maintenance or use of land containing an Aboriginal place or object
  • the right for Aboriginal people to access or use Aboriginal places or objects
  • provision for the rehabilitation of Aboriginal places or objects

How many people or parties can be included in these agreements?

It might involve two parties or it could include multiple land-owners, depending on the area or objects involved.

For further information and forms, see Aboriginal Heritage Management - Guides, Forms and Practice Notes.