Victorian Aboriginal heritage maps

Find areas of cultural sensitivity in Victoria

Use the online map to find areas of Aboriginal cultural heritage sensitivity.

Find where Registered Aboriginal Parties are appointed

The location of Registered Aboriginal Parties within Victoria can be viewed using the online map (select the Layers button on the toolbar above the map and then select the checkbox next to Appointed RAPs).

Find Aboriginal Victorian language areas

The Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Language - VACL Map - provides a geographical overview of Victorian Aboriginal languages as well as references and further information.

Aboriginal missions and reserves in Victoria

The Koorie Heritage Trust, ABC and the State Library of Victoria collaborated to create the website 'Mission voices'. Missions and reserves were chosen as the focus for the site as there was very little material on this aspect of Victoria's past, yet they had such a great impact on Koorie people in this state. View the archived Mission Voices website.

Historical Tribal Boundaries Map

Norman Tindale worked on his map of Aboriginal group boundaries at the time of European contact. The map published in 1974 is a product of Tindale's extensive work. Learn more about Norman Tindale at the Museum of South Australia.

Australia wide map of Aboriginal Australia

The Aboriginal Studies Press' interactive Aboriginal Australia map tries to show all the language or tribal or nation groups of the Indigenous people of Australia. It can be acknowledged that these tribes and nation groups could be updated in the future.

The Robert Brough Smyth Map from around 1878

View the National Library of Australia's digitised version of Smyth's 'Map showing approximately some of the areas occupied by the Aboriginal tribes of Victoria'.

National Native Title Tribunal status

Produced by the National Native Title Tribunal. These maps show the status of native title on a regional, state or national basis.

Find maps of native title applications, indigenous land use agreements and determinations of native title.