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Services for Victoria's Stolen Generations

If you're a member of Victoria's stolen generations, the path to understanding your own history and story more deeply can provide you with an opportunity to heal, reconcile with the past and live more deeply in the present.

Understand your own story

When you start discovering your real story as a member of the Stolen Generations, you are helping to create a new, more accurate version of Aboriginal history in Australia. Understanding your own story means you can help other members of The Stolen Generation find out about their story.

Explore resources and services

These services are available to help you find out more about your family history. Aboriginal Victoria supports several services for Aboriginal people affected by past policies of child removal.

Connecting Home Ltd

CHL was established in April 2010 to replace Stolen Generations Victoria Ltd and to continue to provide a range of services, support and advocacy for members of the Stolen Generations and their families. The organisation aims to facilitate greater understanding and recognition within the broader community of the history, stories and 'journeys of healing' of the Stolen Generations. CHLs services and activities include:

  • case management and referral, including supporting members to access family reunion services, counselling, healing services and related services
  • working with other service delivery agencies to improve co-ordination of services to members of the Stolen Generations
  • communication and public education, including presentations to organisations, education kits for teachers and regular newsletters
  • representing the views of the Stolen Generations and acting on their behalf to achieve improved outcomes for individuals affected by past policies of child removal

Connecting Home Ltd
14 Gipps Street
(PO Box 1234)
Collingwood Victoria 3066
Phone: 03 8679 0700

Public Records Office Victoria (PROV)

PROV looks after Aboriginal record protection and archival activities.

You can get help to find your mob through the following tools and publications:

  • Finding your story - a reference tool for Victorian Koorie people seeking information on their separation from family and community
  • Finding Your Mob - an online pocket guide to researching Aboriginal family history at the Victorian Archives Centre
  • walata tyamateetj - a guide to government records about Aboriginal people in Victoria

Get access to these tools through the Koorie Records Unit.

PROV Koorie Records Unit
Public Records Office of Victoria
99 Shiel Street
North Melbourne Victoria 3051
Phone: 03 9348 5735

The Koorie Family History Service

The Koorie Family History Service (KFHS) is a service offered by the Koorie Heritage Trust to assist members of the Aboriginal community and the Stolen Generations to trace family and cultural information.

If you are seeking to trace your Aboriginal heritage you will be able to get some certainty about your family history. For some clients access to this information leads to the opportunity to not only understand their Aboriginal genealogy but facilitates opportunities for connection with family members.

In the case of Stolen Generations clients, the KFHS can assist you to apply for your adoption or wardship file and to use the information contained in these documents to research your family tree.

Counsellors, Link-Up reunion services and Connecting Home Ltd

There are also Bringing them Home Counsellors available, Link-Up for reunion services and Connecting Home Ltd available to use through KFHS.

Find out more about the Koorie Family History Service.