Community engagement


Sharing LAN stories

Stories that capture and celebrate the many exciting things happening in the Local Aboriginal Networks (LANs) in Victoria.

2017 Statewide Gathering of Local Aboriginal Networks

The Gathering was held over two days at the RACV Goldfields Resort near Creswick on 22 and 23 November 2017. It was only the second time representatives from all 39 Local Aboriginals Networks had gathered at one location. The first Gathering in April 2015 helped inform the development of the Victorian Local Aboriginal Networks 5 year plan 2016-2020.

Circle of Success

Hear from Local Aboriginal Network participants and City Council members about the importance of building relationships and the outcomes achieved by LAN partnerships with Local Government.

Wyndham/Hobsons Bay Local Aboriginal Network

Wodonga Local Aboriginal Network

Yuranga (Mildura) Local Aboriginal Network

Bullawah Cultural Trail

Marmungun Rock is an important part of the Bullawah Cultural Trail. The Trail represents the valued partnership between the Rural City of Wangaratta and the Wangaratta Local Aboriginal Network.

The Rural City of Wangaratta was recently recognised by Reconciliation Victoria when it won the Local Government category in the Community HART awards for the Bullawah Cultural Trail.

Discover the Bullawah Cultural Trail project which celebrates and shares how a local tribe has lived historically to the present day.

Marmungun Rock Ceremony 2018

About Marmungun Rock, 2017