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Aboriginal Lands Act 1970

The Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 was the then government’s response to the Victorian Aboriginal community's struggle for land. The Act granted freehold title over the remaining two Victorian mission sites, Framlingham and Lake Tyers to its residents through the Framlingham and Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trusts. People living at Framlingham and Lake Tyers on a day specified in the Act were gazetted as members of either the Framlingham or Lake Tyers Aboriginal Trusts and subsequently allocated shares. The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Aboriginal Victoria are responsible for the administration of the Act.

The Aboriginial Lands Act Review

The main purpose of this review is to achieve improved governance and to enable greater self-determination by the Aboriginal owners of the Lake Tyers and Framlingham Aboriginal communities.

Why is the Act having a review?

It is usual government practice to periodically review legislation. The Act is now over forty years old. Although the Act has had several amendments, it appears the Act is not best placed to take the communities into future generations; it has not kept pace with current laws, changes in attitudes and policy governing Aboriginal affairs in Victoria.

What is hoped to be achieved?

The review of the Act is in context of a broader and worthy Victorian Government commitment to advancing and understating self-determination for Aboriginal Victorians. The goals of the review include self-determination, economic development, long term sustainability and equity in terms of ownership rights. This will include examining whether the Act is still necessary in its current form or whether there are better ways of ensuring that the aspirations of shareholders and residents of the two communities can be met.

For further information on the Review, please download the discussion paper below.

Discussion Paper - Review of the Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 Discussion Paper - Review of the Aboriginal Lands Act 1970PDF (304.25 KB)

How can I participate in the review?

Visit Engage Victoria for up-to-date information on the review and how you can participate.