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Supreme Court of Victoria

The Supreme Court is the superior court in Victoria, and hears and determines substantial criminal and civil matters.

Phone03 8600 2000
DX NumberDX 210608 Melbourne
Hours of Access9:30am to 4pm, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays
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Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
DivisionsAssociate Judges03 8600 2093Associate judges hear and determine issues arising before and after trial in civil cases. They also assist the judges of appeal in the civil jurisdiction. As with judges they are appointed by the Governor of Victoria.
DivisionsCommercial Court03 8600 2002The objective of the Commercial Court is to provide for the just and efficient determination of commercial disputes. Proceedings are managed by Judges and Associate Judges with extensive commercial expertise and experience. The Commercial Court conducts sittings Monday to Thursday reserving Fridays for directions hearings and applications.
DivisionsCommon Law Division03 8600 2000This jurisdiction covers tort and contract law and hears appeals on questions of law from other courts and tribunals.
DivisionsCosts Court03 8600 2155The Costs Court hears and determines matters relating to costs arising from court proceedings. The Court also hears costs disputes between legal practitioners and their clients.
DivisionsCourt of Appeal Registry03 8600 2001The Court of Appeal hears appeals against criminal and civil decisions made by judges, and in some instances associate judges, in the Supreme Court and County Court jurisdictions. The Court of Appeal also hears appeals of decisions made by judges sitting at VCAT.
DivisionsCriminal Divison03 8600 2000The Criminal Division of the Supreme Court of Victoria hears serious criminal matters such as murder, manslaughter, attempted murder, treason as well as fraud, sexual offences and major drug trafficking offences.
Other BodiesJuries Commissioner's Office03 8636 6800
DivisionsPractice Court (Common Law)03 8600 2036The Practice Court (Common Law) of the Supreme Court of Victoria hears urgent and certain other applications in proceedings brought in the Common Law Division.
DivisionsPrincipal Registry03 8600 2000The Principal Registry is responsible for the Criminal Division and Common Law Division's administration. It can provide information on the filing of documents, pre-trial conferences, video links of proceedings, fee payment, and general procedural advice.
DivisionsProbate Office03 8600 2006The Probate Office is part of the Supreme Court Principal Registry and is the Office that deals with all applications for grants of Probate and Administration of deceased estates in Victoria.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
JudiciaryChief Justice of VictoriaHonourable Justice Anne Ferguson03 8600 2401
JudiciaryPresident, Court of AppealThe Hon. Justice Chris Maxwell, AC03 8600 2405
Key StaffChief Executive OfficerMatt Hall03 8600 2129
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