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Department of Families, Fairness and Housing

The Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH) works hard to create equal opportunities for all Victorians to live a safe, respected and valued life. Our areas of focus are child protection, housing, disability, the prevention of family violence, multicultural affairs, LGBTQI+ equality, veterans, women and youth.

Phone1300 475 170
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Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
GroupsChildren, Families, Communities and Disabilities1300 650 172The Children and Families division will help accelerate reforms in our children and families system. It is a time-limited unit that reports directly to the Secretary. Working closely with the Community Services Operations division, it will lead several ambitious reform projects to create a step-change improvement to our children and families service system.
Other BodiesCommission for Gender Equality in the Public SectorThe Commission for Gender Equality in the Public Sector was established after the Gender Equality Bill 2019 (Vic) passed in February 2020. The Commission supports the Public Sector Gender Equality Commissioner to oversee the implementation of the Gender Equality Act 2020 and promote gender equality in the public sector workforce and the broader Victorian community.
GroupsCommunity Services Operations1300 650 172The Community Services Operations division provides a dedicated focus on children, family and disability services through our four operational divisions - North, West, East and South Divisions. We develop policy and funding frameworks that help us better respond to people's needs. We work with clients, service providers and other government partners to look at a person's overall needs and co‑design services that are more connected and easier for our clients to navigate. We focus on the child and the child's development to build the capabilities of both an individual and their family, and to preserve and reunify families wherever possible. We monitor the quality of our service systems to ensure child safety across both government and non-government services. Our services enable communities to be healthy, safe and strong by addressing their current needs.
GroupsFairer VictoriaThe Fairer Victoria group is responsible for multicultural affairs and social cohesion, equality, veterans, youth, women's policy, and prevention of family violence. The group works with other government departments, the private sector and communities to give whole of Victorian Government prominence to improving outcomes for diverse cohorts. The group is also responsible for ensuring government services, policies and programs are inclusive of all Victorians.
Other BodiesFamily Safety Victoria03 9085 0900Family Safety Victoria implements key recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence.
GroupsHousing1300 650 172The Housing and Infrastructure division focuses on housing and is responsible for the government's homelessness and social housing initiatives. We recognise that having a home helps provide a stable foundation to enable people to participate in education, work and the community. We are also responsible for the Towards Home package which supports rough sleepers to achieve more permanent housing. The Homes for Victorians Strategy aims to ensure Victoria has a healthy social housing system, more available social housing and a growth in community housing associations.
Other BodiesOffice for Disability1300 880 043The Office for Disability is the first of its kind in Australia and leads the Victorian Government's drive for universal change to improve the lives of people with a disability.
Other BodiesQueen Victoria Women's Centre Trust03 8668 8100The Queen Victoria Women's Centre is an iconic Melbourne landmark that testifies to the enduring contribution of women's enterprise to Victoria's social, economic and cultural heritage.
Other BodiesRespect Victoria03 9096 9501Respect Victoria is an organisation dedicated to the primary prevention of all forms of family violence and violence against women. Our focus is stopping violence before it starts, by changing the norms, practices and structures that allow it to happen.
Other BodiesShrine of Remembrance03 9661 8100The Shrine is Victoria's national memorial to Australians who have served in war and peacekeeping.
Other BodiesVictorian Multicultural Commission03 7005 1267The Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC) supports and advocates for culturally and linguistically diverse Victorians. We champion diversity and inclusion across all areas of society and strengthen multicultural communities by helping them participate in all aspects of Victorian life.
Other BodiesVictorian Veterans Council03 9651 2636The Victorian Veterans Council is an independent body that provides advice to the Minister for Veterans.
Other BodiesVITS LanguageLoop03 9280 1941VITS LanguageLoop, the Victorian Interpreting & Translating Service, is a Victorian Government owned Government Business Enterprise, with over 30 years experience as a specialist language service provider.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
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Category Title Name Main Phone
MinistersMinister for Child ProtectionThe Hon Luke Donnellan MP03 9096 0301
MinistersMinister for Disability, Ageing and CarersThe Hon Luke Donnellan MP03 9096 0301
MinistersMinister for EqualityThe Hon Martin Foley MP03 9096 7500
MinistersMinister for HousingThe Hon Richard Wynne MP03 8683 0964
MinistersMinister for Multicultural AffairsThe Hon Ros Spence MP03 9651 5584
MinistersMinister for Prevention of Family ViolenceThe Hon Gabrielle Williams MP03 9096 8587
MinistersMinister for VeteransThe Hon Shaun Leane03 8392 2240
MinistersMinister for WomenThe Hon Gabrielle Williams MP03 9096 8587
MinistersMinister for YouthThe Hon Ros Spence MP03 9651 5584
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for Carers and VolunteersMr Anthony Carbines MP03 9457 5328
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for EqualityMs Harriet Shing MLC03 5134 8000
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for Multicultural AffairsMr Josh Bull MP03 9740 4091
Parliamentary SecretariesParliamentary Secretary for YouthMr Josh Bull MP03 9740 4091
Key StaffSecretarySandy Pitcher1300 475 170
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Category Title Main Phone Description
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